Agua Prieta Mexico

Agua Prieta, (aka AP) is a city and municipality in the state of Sonora, Mexico, located on the United States – Mexico border across from its sister city, Douglas, Arizona. This industrial city of approximately 80,000 began growing in 1899 after railroads were constructed to transport minerals between Douglas, Arizona and Nacozari, Sonora, but Agua Prieta wasn’t officially recognized as a city until 1942.

Agua Prieta’s first settlers were employed by Phelps Dodge Corporation, a U.S. mining company from Douglas, Arizona. Today, the city’s primary economic activity is manufacturing, which includes several maquiladora companies. It is also a major commercial export center for Mexican products and goods shipped to the United States. Farming is also important here and there are numerous large cattle ranches in the area.

Visitors to Agua Prieta come here to get-away and take advantage of hotels that are reasonably priced and restaurants with delectable regional and international dishes. It is also popular, particularly with residents of southern Arizona, for shopping in its handcraft markets. Highlights of Agua Prieta’s local craftsmanship include such items as saddles, boots, pottery, and woven blankets, amongst many other Mexican products.

People come here to buy, and to take advantage of more reasonable prices. Agua Prieta is also known for retaining its traditional charm, its quality service, and for being a hospitable host to its visitors!

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