Cascada de Texolo

Vivid beauty and rich cuisine lure thousands to Xalapa each year, eager to sample authentic Veracruz delights and a slice of the “old Mexico”. Barely a recognized pueblo due to its compact size, coffee producing Xico lies little more than 20 km from Xalapa, yet could not be more of a contrast. Instead of cars, natives prefer to taxi from A to B on foot or horseback – many even transporting their market wares via horse and cart. Streets are largely tranquil, save for the regional natives who descend each year for Pamplona - a festival of bull-runs and rodeo.

Lesser known for its coffee, than it is for the bewitching rural beauty of the surrounding countryside, Xico is a major embarkation point for the thundering Cascada de Texolo. Just a 3 km hike from the town, the 80-foot waterfall is widely accessible to visitors. A huge bridge connects the Xico boundary with the wild forest of Texolo, within which several smaller waterfalls can also be found. Visitors may recognize the vast natural gorge at Cascade de Texolo, for the scenery was used in Robert Zemeckis' 1984 movie “Romancing the Stone”, as well as the latter sequel “Jewel of the Nile”.

Reached via a set of narrow concrete steps, the base of Cascada de Texolo is possibly the best place to admire the power of this huge electricity generator. Two brick huts can be made out further downstream, containing the pressure gages and converters used by the local utility company for power conversion. Gazing up at the waterfall, many describe feeling enclosed as if within a huge amphitheater of rock – unsurprising given the natural, semi-circular shape of the eroded cliff face. With few visitors converging upon Cascade de Texolo at any time of year, its a fabulous location for a romantic picnic or simply to enjoy the beauty of Veracruz wild country.

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