El Arco

Anchor port for cruise excursions to the Mexican Riviera and Sea of Cortez, the diminutive town of Cabo San Lucas has become the premier destination for holidaymakers to the Baja Peninsula. Boasting crystal clear waters and temperate climes, the “Cabo Corridor” between San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo offers some of the best sport fishing opportunities in the world, however, it isn't the multitude of marlin that first gained this little town a touristic reputation.

Located just minutes East of Solmar Beach lie a miniature chain of interlinking, humpback mountains, framing the Cabo Corridor beyond. A hewn, arc-shaped doorway cuts through the charcoal rock at Land's End – the farthest stretch of the outcrop from Cabo San Lucas' Playa Solmar. Here the torrents are far less gentle; waves thunder against the rocks as they have done for Centuries, eroding ever expanding niches of this great natural wall. An oft photographed frame for the turquoise seascape beyond, El Arco is far more magnificent up close. While it's not advisable to venture thus far on your rubber dinghy, a wealth of beachfront vendors offer canoes and motorboats for hire – by far the best way to swing by El Arco and check out basking sea lions. Pangas operated by knowledgeable guides offer a wholly unique perspective of the waters beneath Lands' End - many benefiting from glass bottoms and lower decks, from which you can view the plethora of exotic marine life.

A documented hideout for pirates between the 17th - 18th Centuries, El Arco bears a wealth of shipwreck tales and ghost stories. Shipwrecks, underwater caves and vast expanses of coral reef litter the ocean floor beneath El Arco, influencing the current fed confluence of oceans as a world class scuba diving hot-spot. A number of purpose sunken vessels provide cavernous hideouts for manta rays and basking sharks, along with great shoals of dorado and dolphin-fish. Free diving around El Arco is largely prohibited due to the plethora of underwater swells, however, guides at the main tourism office can be hired from as little as eight pesos per hour – well worth it for such a valuable and enriching dive experience!

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