Bahia de los Angeles Mexico

Bahía de los Angeles (aka LA Bay or Bay of Angels) is a peaceful fishing village of about 500 inhabitants located along the eastern shores of the Mexican state of Baja California. With its remote position along the tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortez, surrounded by 16 islands, and backed by coral-hued mountains, the Bay of LA is one of Mexico’s most beautiful bays and a near-virgin tourist destination.

The town's economy has always relied heavily upon fishing and shrimping, but tourism is on its way to becoming a viable mainstay as well, even as the village maintains its remote, peaceful ambiance as a place to get away from it all, to experience an authentic Baja adventure, all the while not having gone too far off roads paved in blacktop.

LA Bay is a place where dolphins and sea lions play, seabirds nest, and whales come to breed in the calm warm waters off its shores. Tourists are beginning to learn about LA Bay, and they are finding that its attractions are many-fold with sport fishing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling, as well as enjoying the bay’s beautiful, pristine beaches and secluded coves, all high on the list of exciting things to do here.

LA Bay’s main attractions include:

Sport Fishing - LA Bay is a fisherman’s paradise. Locals know the area, and know just where to go to provide visitors with a thrilling guided fishing experience, angling for such fish as large yellowtail, sea bass, sailfish, and occasionally, dorado. Join a fishing excursion!

Kayaking and Boating – either rent one or use your own to explore the coast or the islands. Three boat ramps are located here providing easy-access to the waters for those who bring their own boat. And the water is usually calm, ideal for long or short excursions, where you’ll see numerous bird species, sea lions at play, frolicking dolphins, and finback whales that swim here year-round – not to be confused with the whale sharks that visit the area between July and November each year. Due to the serene and beautiful waters of LA Bay, kayaking, in particular, is quickly growing in popularity here.

Diving and Snorkeling – LA Bay and its many islands are ideal for divers and snorkelers to enjoy the sea’s spectacular display of flora and fauna.

Other Water Activities – other exciting water sports to be enjoyed here are water skiing and, on a windy day, windsurfing.

Camping – the many surrounding beaches and campgrounds offer campers a quiet, remote experience with spectacular views of the sea. While there are other sites to choose from, Punta Gringa, located 25 minutes north of town is considered a great place to beach camp, and its free!

Puerto Don Juan – visit this beautiful, protected cove with a nice sandy beach at the south end of the bay. It’s located a mere 3 miles east of town.

If you’re looking for an adventure that doesn’t include being on or in the water, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding are some great options. Or park yourself beneath a beachside palapa to enjoy a cool drink and some Baja food while taking in the warm desert climate and beautiful landscape!

Or consider these highlights:

The Natural History and Cultural Museum – exhibits include historical photos and interesting artifacts related to the town’s early days in gold and copper mining, information about the nearby Mission, and arts and crafts by the Cochimi Indians, as well as some great information on whales. Visitors can also find interesting books and souvenirs here.

The CRIP Sea Turtle Conservation & Research Center – here you can view Loggerhead Sea Turtles. It's an interesting and fun attraction for the whole family.

Rock Paintings – visit the 10,000-year-old Indias de Montevideo rock paintings located nearby.

The18th Century Mission San Borja – take an off-road (ATV) adventure trip to see one of the state’s two fully intact missions.

A couple of other noteworthy attractions are the town’s annual events and celebrations, which include Guillermo´s Yellowtail Tournament and Fiestas del Mar. Also of interest is that the Baja 1000 racers motor through town every other year.

LA Bay shops offer basic supplies such as food, tequila, ice, beer and gas; power lines reached the area in 2007, ending the town’s reliance on diesel generators; there’s a paved runway for private planes; and internet access is available via satellite. While cell phone service is not available, public phones are found in some shops and hotels.

Bahia de los Angeles is only budding in tourism, yet the town has much to offer its visitors – including the fact that it is only budding in tourism. It is an ideal travel destination, and for all that you’ll find to do here, there are more than enough tourist services to provide you with the equipment, gear, and guides to make your stay a five-star event!

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