Segob identifies Mexico's violence hotspots

21 March, 2011 -
Mexico Drug War

Mexico's Secretaría de Gobernación, which goes by the acronym Segob, recently published a map of the nation's most dangerous places in 2011. The statistics of which would be visitors should take note are that 80% of homicides take place in only 162 municipalities - Mexico has 2,456 municipalities meaning that 80% of the violence takes place in less than 7% of Mexico which is what Mexican tourism officials have been struggling to communicate. The most effected places reside along Mexico's northern border which are geographically close to the United States, but on average over a thousand miles away from many of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations.

They refer to the Sinaloa Cartel as "Pacífico" (Pacific) Cartel.

Map of Mexico Violence

Click here to see the document at El Universal.


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