Most violent cities in Mexico for 2011

07 November, 2011 -
J. W. Fabian
Mexico Drug War

I've been keeping up on this since I have lived in Acapulco on a full-time basis since 2003 and remember the day when it was paradise on earth. It still sort of is which is why this news leaves me with my mouth hanging open. My other adopted city, Mazatlán, comes in at #3. Talk about a dark cloud following someone around. I previously lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Next stop, Boise, Idaho perhaps. Let's see if it follows me there.

The Consejo Ciudadano para la Seguridad Publica y Justicia Penal (Citizen's Council on Public Security and Criminal Justice) published a report in October that projected that Acapulco will pass Juarez as not only the most violent city in Mexico, but the most violent city in the entire world!

Acapulco's murder rate for 2011 is expected to settle around 139.11 (murders/100,000 inhabitants) while the numbers for Juarez's are expected to drop to 118.46. It's not just the quality but the quality of the murders that really gives Acapulco a bad name. The two drug gangs battling one another for control don't seem to be satisfied unless they chop their rivals into bits and leave them on the street.

It's pretty inconceivable. Acapulco just doesn't feel violent the way many cities do, yet there are the stats. I don't dispute the statistics, Acapulco may indeed turn out to be the world's most violent city in 2011. It just doesn't feel that way when you're there. Primarily because the city proper lacks the random, petty street crime common to other destinations and the drug gangs - to this point - don't seem in any way interested in victimizing what remains of Acapulco's tourists.

Another fun fact is that Mexico will have 19 of the world's 50 most violent cities. Poor Mexico, so far from God yet so close to the United States as they saying goes. Pretty much all of this violence originates from Mexico's unique location with easy access to the U.S.

Interestingly, Cancún has made its debut on the list.

Below is a table with the projections for 2011. It's in Spanish, but the numbers should speak for themselves.

Most Violent Cities in Mexico 2011



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