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Ciudad Hidalgo, aka Hidalgo, is a rural, mountain municipal city located 130 km (81 miles) from Morelia City in the upper northeast region of Michoacán, Mexico. Hidalgo is surrounded by forestry, so its economy is, of course, largely based in forestry and furniture-making, along with other commerce related to agriculture. In fact, the city is host to the “Expo Mueble”, the biggest furniture exposition in Michoacán.

However, with the depletion of the surrounding forests, the city is looking at additional income sources, such as tourism. In doing so, Hidalgo wants to make use of the area’s various cultural attractions and abundant natural resources.

In Hidalgo, most of the city consists of small, family-owned businesses and modern buildings. Even with the modern buildings, the city manages to retain its rural charm with such things as the annual Holy Week fair honoring home-made fruit and vegetables preserves – a commodity for which the locals are well-known. Other city festivals include the traditional national festivals, such the Day of the Dead.

Within Hidalgo, the main attractions are its churches, buildings, and monuments, including:

The 16th century San José church and former monastery with its two pre-Hispanic baptismal fonts is of notable distinction. The larger font is adorned with little angels and ornate lions and the smaller font contains a Renaissance-style image of a tiny nude angel.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour found on the outskirts of the city, is a church (aka the Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro) of a rather modern design using red bricks and geometric symmetry.

In the areas surrounding Hidalgo, visitors will find many interesting attractions as well. They include:

The Grutas de Tziranda - these large caves have thousands of interesting calcite, coral, and calcium carbonate formations, as well as many plant fossils. Inside the caves, around twenty bat species are known to reproduce. The illuminated caves are opened to the public and filled with piped-in music.

The San Matias Teotihuacan archeological site - nearby

Spas - numerous spas are in the area, such as Eréndira, San Alejo, Campamento Turístical, Doña Celia, and Tejamaniles.

The Los Azufres Park – surrounded by pretty pine trees, its known as one of the most beautiful places in the state. It’s also a spectacular natural wonder. Located about 2.5 km from Hidalgo, Los Azufres is an amazing attraction with its two beautiful lagoons (Larga and Verde) and thermal waters, warmed by an inactive volcano. The very hot thermal water contains a large quantity of sulfur.

Along with these spectacular highlights, you’ll see geysers and a number of craters filled with boiling mud. Clear water springs are also here for you to enjoy. Nearby are several hotels, campgrounds, spas, and businesses offering equipment for cycling, rowing, hiking, and water sport activities.

Ciudad Hidalgo really does have some nice attractions to offer its visitors, from the thermal spas and beautiful lagoons to its mystical caves, there is much to enjoy. And with the city’s plans for drawing in more tourists to the area and adding more tourist services, more people may just find their way here.

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