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Ciudad Obregón, aka Obregon, is the second largest city in the state of Sonora, Mexico. It’s a city that boasts over thirty thousand tourists and other visitors pass through it each year. Surrounded with views of the Sierra Madre mountain range and only one hour away from the coast of the Sea of Cortez it has become a popular year-round tourist destination.

Ciudad Obregon is very proud of its native Yaqui people, who successfully defended their territory and culture from Spanish Colonists in the 1700’s. Its deep-rooted history is found in the city’s many museums, landmark buildings, and important monuments, located in the city square and in the surrounding countryside.

Nearby the city (7 km) is Bacum, one of 8 historical Yaquis villages. All of the towns have had an important historical impact on the development of Obregon, and would be an interesting “tourist route”. To this day, the Yaquis people practice the use of traditional medicines made with herbs and ointments. They also continue to celebrate important festivals with traditional dance rituals and music unique to the Yaquis tribe. Other ancient Yaquis villages include: Belem, Cocorit, Huirivis, Potam, Rahum, Torim and Vicam.

The state of Sonora heavily promotes its tourism sector and Obregon is enthusiastically able to help in that cause due to its many cultural and entertaining attractions. In fact, there are so many things to do, you may have to move here to see and enjoy them all!

Ciudad Obregon’s main attractions include:

Álvaro Obregón Plaza - the city’s traditional central square where locals and visitors gather. It’s a very open space adorned with flowers and trees and surrounded by shops and stalls selling refreshments to enjoy while relaxing on a beautiful afternoon, or simply watching the evening sunset. Many celebrations and parades are held here throughout the year

Yaquis Museum – its themed rooms include many exhibits on the history of the Yaqui Indians and their traditions. It’s an interactive museum, allowing visitors to explore the characteristics and folklore of the Yaquis people. The museum received a plaque from “National Geographic” recognizing its efforts to provide a highly-educational learning experiences and preserving the history of the Yaqui culture.

Casa Rosalva – an artistic museum and cultural center featuring many national and international art forms, including contemporary, sculptural, and graphical. Many artistic events are hosted here ranging from concerts to cinematographic art.

Modelo “Antonino Fernández” Cultural Center – a center celebrating Groupo Modelo, one of Mexico’s largest brewing companies. Here you can learn about the evolution of beer.

The Centre for Popular Cultures – here you’ll find exhibits depicting the local cultural values of all the ethnic groups of southern Sonora. Displays also include artwork from the local indigenous people, as well as the work of national and international artists.
Presa Oviachic - a hotspot for both locals and tourists, who enjoy camping, water activities, fishing, and a recreational park. You can hike, swim, fish off the pier, or rent a boat, jet ski, or kayak to traverse the water.

Incidentally, Oviachic is host to the annual International Large-Mouth Bass fishing tournament which hundreds of fishing enthusiasts from all over the world attend to compete for the best catch. It’s a lively event, accompanied by trade stands, live music, and food kiosks. It’s a fun event for just about everybody, so if you are in the area, don’t miss it!

Huivulai Island – a small exotic island located 45 km south of Obregon and only 3 km off the mainland in the Sea of Cortez. It’s a popular tourist destination with a golden-sand beach and warm, tranquil waters offering a host of fun activities. While visiting Obregon, take a day or two to visit this island. From sitting on the beach working on your tan and watching for the vast array of birds found in the area to joining a boat tour around the island, you’ll find many exciting things to do. The island is made up of a vast expanse of sand dunes, making it a great place for off-road racing events.

Also located here is a spectacular 97-meter deep fresh water pool called Pozo de Agua that is surrounded by lush vegetation and a variety of exotic birds.

Huatabampito – a golden-sand beach offering plenty of activities to enjoy, including boating, sailing, fishing, and even whale-watching (between the months of January and March). The area is also home to speedboat competitions and bike races. A number of restaurants with live music, hotels, and RV Parks are located in the area.

Laguna Del Nainari - a very popular lake for both tourists and locals. Here you’ll find people enjoying the water, jogging its shoreline, or participating in sporting events, such as triathlons, marathons, and bicycle races. Snack and refreshment kiosks are located on the lake’s eastern side.

Ostimuri Children's Park – a very popular attraction for children featuring a small amusement park with children’s rides, a zoo, and food facilities.

Cajeme Planetarium –here you can experience live, real-time, guided projections of the stars and constellations. You’ll also see a photographic exhibit on astronomy. It’s a fun and educational activity for everyone.

Monuments – many very impressive monuments are located around the city, including the Yaqui Dancer Memorial, General Álvaro Obregón, Joy to the Youth, and the “discobolo” Glorieta Monuments.

Mercado Municpal Mercajeme – one of Obregon’s largest indoor shopping areas, with over 150 kiosks featuring traditional Mexican silver jewelry, clothing, local candy, and a number of food stands.

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