Cuernavaca Mexico

If there was an ideal place on earth to live year-round, Cuernavaca (kwehr-nah-vah-kah), may fit the bill. Cuernavaca was nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” by Alexander von Humboldt in the 19th century for its year-round spring-like temperatures. It’s wonderful, temperate climate is attributed to its position in the valley off the southern slope of the Sierra de Chichinautzin mountains, where warm air rises up the mountain in the morning and cool fresh air descends from the mountain’s high altitudes and onto Cuernavaca every evening. The result of this geographical position has awarded the town with ideal low-humidity temperatures that range in the 70s (°F) nearly every day. With these amazing spring-like conditions, there is always something blooming in Cuernavaca’s lush and beautiful gardens.

Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos, is a town of over 350,000 people, which triples in size on the weekends due to its close proximity to Mexico City (an hour’s drive away). People leave the hectic rat race afforded them in the larger city for the eclectic ambiance of Cuernavaca. And it’s been that way for centuries. Since the time of the Aztec, this pleasant climate has attracted royalty and nobles, many calling Cuernavaca their summer residence - the Aztec ruler Montezuma and colonial Emperor Maximilian both built private retreats here and Cortez, whose estate is available for touring, retired here.

In addition to it’s climate, the town is a fertile spa area, featuring waterfalls, thermal hot springs, and mineral waters. Today, many a hotel in Cuernavaca offers some of the best rejuvenating “spa treatments” in Mexico, luring current day royalty and nobles (the Shah of Iran had a house here, as did the late sculptor, John Spencer, a relative of Princess Diana.), as well as everyday folks looking for a piece of sensual heaven.

Cuernavaca attracts people who possess a creative spirit (its host to several writers’ retreats) as well as the intellectual looking for inspiration or cultural stimulation. Cuernavaca is a well-known international learning center for Mexico's language, culture and history. The city’s prestigious Spanish schools are devoted to high academic standards and a strict ethical code of teaching the language, art and culture of Latin America to foreigners. Anyone can find a course level suited to his or her needs.

Much of the city’s ancient architectural designs have become the city’s current day restaurants, museums and spas, each with something splendid to offer its visitors. Visitors can take in a spa, discover ancient ruins, walk through lush modern gardens, or simply soak in the temperate climate of Cuernavaca; there are endless possibilities here.

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