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Things to Do in Cuernavaca

Pirámide de Teopanzolco - Considered one of the most important temples of the Pre Hispanic Tlahuica culture in the region. The double-temple of Tlaloc-Hutzilopochtli exemplifies how ancient inhabitants of Cuauhnahuac built worshipping sites right over the top of previous structures. Hlahuicas built the older pyramid over 800 years ago; the Aztecs were constructing the outside pyramid when Cortés arrived, and never completed it.

Palace of Cortes or Cuauhnahuac Regional Museum - Dating back to the colonial era, it was built in 1533 over a "Teocalli” or Aztec Temple. It served as the summer residence of the conqueror Hernan Cortes and actually houses one of Mexico's finest museums. Exhibits one of the most famous murals of Diego Rivera painted in 1929.

The Cathedral or Assumption's Franciscan Ex-Convent – an amazing complex formed by an atrium surrounded by tall battlemented walls. In the same complex, visitors will find the Chapel of San Jose, The Chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, the Chapel of Carmen, and the Temple of Tercer Orden. Its also famous for its Sunday "Mariachi Mass".

The Borda Garden – a famous 17th century residence built by famous architect, Don Manuel de la Borda; was the residential home of Emperor Maximiliano de Habsburgo. Today, the home and garden hosts a variety of art exhibitions, concerts, and conferences.

Ethno-botanic Garden & Traditional Medicine Museum – a chalet belonging to Emperor Maximiliano de Habsburgo featuring lush gardens and orchards exhibiting a variety of medicinal plants.

Ancient Sugar Cane Factories - view the factories, like the Hacienda de Atlacomulco, which had belonged to Hernan Cortes, and the Hacienda de Temixco, which is now a bathing resort with 5 large swimming pools.

The Centro Cultural Muros - The city’s best art gallery features restored murals from Cuernavaca’s Hotel Casino de la Selva, and a private collection of more than 320 paintings, sculptures, videos and photographs. Highlights include works by Kahlo, Rivera, Siqueiros, Orozco, Tamayo, alongside today’s emerging artists.


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