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Iguala is located in the north-central region of the state of Guerrero in Mexico and is the 3rd largest city in the state – the city of Acapulco being first, and Chilpancingo second. The city of Iguala proudly holds a very important place in Mexico’s history; it was in this municipality that, on February 24, 1821, the “Plan de Iguala” was signed, ending the War of Independence.

A flag designed by José Magdaleno Ocampo was created to signify this historic event. And this Mexican flag became the catalyst for another significant event in Iguala’s history when in the following month, on March 12, 1821, General Vicente Guerrero became the first of the military leaders to pledge loyalty to the Mexican flag.

The flag was dubbed “The Flag of 3 Guarantees” and Iguala became known as the birthplace of the Mexican flag. To commemorate this prestigious designation, the city holds the Flag Fair each year and it is the most significant festival in Iguala. The festivities at the fair include a parade with floats, cockfights, and exhibits of regional handcrafted items, many made with gold and silver for which the city’s artisans are known. The fair is held annually sometime in February. If you are in the city during this time, be sure to take part in the festivities of the celebration that is so important to the people of Iguala.

Incidentally, Iguala is also referred to as "la Ciudad Tamarindera" (aka Tamarindo city) for the city’s abundance of Tamarindo trees.

Iguala's main attractions include:

  • The 19th century San Francisco Church, surrounded by Tamarindo trees
  • The beautiful Tuxpan Lagoon where you can partake in water activities
  • The shops, featuring Iguala's local artisans with handcrafted items made of silver and gold, including a variety of beautiful jewelry. Get yourself a souvenir!

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