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Los Barriles in the state of Baja California Sur is a kick-back town made up of fishermen, kayakers, windsurfers, and artists. Here Baja Highway One touches the coast along the Sea of Cortez before moving inland again on its way to Cabo San Lucas, the twenty-four-hour party place. It is one of the smaller towns along the East Cape, but it features more tourist amenities than some of the other small places. And, Los Barriles’ appeal, so far, is that it has retained much of the laid-back pace that first made Baja popular!

This quiet town is on the rise as a tourist destination and as a place where people love to retire. A common sight here is one of locals, transplant retirees, and tourists driving ATVs along the sandy roads to the beach, post office, grocery stores, or even to their favorite fishing spot. (The ATVs are outfitted for fishing poles and gear!) Retirees are typically former tourists who loved the place so much they decided to stay.

And as news of this sleepy place catches on, more and more beachside homes and hotels are beginning to pop up. People are finding out about the town’s fabulous beaches, the fresh air coming off the Sea of Cortez, its slower pace that gives you the feeling that you’ve stepped into a time and place far removed from civilization.

Los Barriles has always been known for its superb fishing, and anglers new to the area will be happy to know that fishing is very good here year-round. But people are finding other things they like about the town, and it seems that an eclectic group of artists, fishermen, and windsurfers are high on the list as residents and tourists.

Los Barriles is considered one of the windsurfing “capitals of the world”. Windsurfing is very popular here during the high-wind season between the months of November and March. Those interested in windsurfing can even find travel package-deals that include windsurfing lessons. Water-sport equipment and boat rentals are available through the hotels and other businesses.

Other fun things to do and see in Los Barriles include:

Water Sport Activities – during the months of calmer winds, Los Barriles is a great location for kayaking and enjoying the Sea of Cortez and the beautiful surrounding landscape. Or for a little faster get up in your go, rent a jet ski!

Join a Fishing Tournament – always a popular draw and a frequent occurrence here.

The Beaches – with the fantastic weather in Los Barriles, even the nights are great for sitting or taking a stroll along the beach.

Art – visit the art galleries and meet the local artists. Also, Los Barriles hosts an annual Art Festival, held in March, that you don’t want to miss!

Have Fun on an ATV – it’s a popular mode of transportation in Los Barriles! Hotels and rental places will set you up with one.

Take a Tour – tours are available for any of the following activities: horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, bird-watching, snorkeling, and diving.

Tour the Cortez Banks – a submerged island that is often seen on shows about sports fishing; it’s famous with sport fishermen, divers, and big-wave surfers.

Shop – while small, the Plaza Del Pueblo offers the most complete shopping experience in the area. It’s a great place to pick up souvenirs and post cards, even books on the Baja.

Golf – there’s a 9-hole golf course and a driving range in the area.

The vibe in Los Barriles is friendly and relaxed even as the town broadens its appeal to tourists with more accommodations and services. However, those seeking the “real” Los Barriles need not worry, roosters still roam the streets here, there are several authentic taco stands, and there are numerous, small family-owned business with people tending to you who will make you feel quite at home.

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