Mexico Drug War

We've created this blog to keep our readers keep up to date on the security situation in Mexico.

As we all know, Mexico is having a serious problem with safety and security as drug cartels and associated criminal hangers-on battle for hegemony. It's both sad and horrific.

The last 5 years have been very difficult ones for Mexico and have exposed to the world many of the nation's institutional and socio-economic shortcomings. We will do our best to explain to our readers the reality on the ground as well as what we hear through the grapevine so that you can always make an informed decision about if, when, and where to travel.

It is my pledge to not sanitize the situation in the hopes of earning a few extra bucks from the tourist market. Not only would it not be the honest thing to do, but I'd like this website to develop the sort of credibility that outlasts the current strife by a hundred years.