Mexico Area Codes


Beginning in 1999, Mexico began converting its phone numbers to a uniform seven-digit format (previously numbers ranged from 5-7 digits). While the system may take years to fully implement, here’s an easy way to make local calls while in Mexico: add the appropriate number of digits from the city’s area code in order to make all local calls contain seven digits. The major exceptions are Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey; here all local calls require eight digits.

Example: when in Acapulco, a number that appears as 74 41 23 45 67 would be dialed as 1234567 from local landline or cell to a local landline; 7441234567 from cell to cell and 0447441234567 from landline to cell... so you need to figure out if the phone you're calling is a landline or a cell.


Note: When calling from the U.S. or Canada, first dial 011-52 when dialing a land line and 011-521 when dialing a cell, followed by these area codes and local number.

Acapulco 744   Playa del Carmen 984
Aguascalientes 449   Puebla 222
Ajijic / Lake Chapala 376   Puerto Escondido 954
Cabo San Lucas 624   Puerto Peñasco 638
Campeche 781   Puerto Vallarta 322
Cancún 998   Querétaro 442
Chihuahua 614   Real de Catorce 488
Cozumel 987   San Blas 323
Cuernavaca 777   San Cristóbal de las Casas 967
Ensensada 646   San José del Cabo 624
Guadalajara 33   San Miguel de Allende 415
Guanajuato 473   San Luis Potosí 444
Huatulco 958   Tampico 833
Isla Mujeres 998   Taxco 762
Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo 755   Tuxtla Gutiérrez 961
La Paz 612   Tijuana 664
Loreto 613   Tulum 984
Manzanillo 314   Taxco 762
Mazatlán 669   Tepic 311
Mexico City 55   Toluca 722
Monterrey 81   Valle del Bravo 726
Mexicali 686   Veracruz 229
Morelia 443   Villahermosa 993
Oaxaca 951   Zacatecas 492
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