Cantina La Guadalupana

Higuera 2, Villa de Coyoacán, Federal District 04000

La Guadalupana was established in 1928 in Villa de Coyoacán, a southern neighborhood of Mexico City that was for many years a sort of artists’ colony, with residents like Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego, and foreign types like Leon Trotsky. Access is from one of those small, cobblestone streets that reminds one of colonial times. The entrance to the cantina continues the mood, and the bar makes it unanimous: you are now almost a century into the past.

Like the cantinas of tradition, La Guadalupana is welcoming and friendly. Not hungry? OK. Drink all you want. You will get the plates of snacks to give you something to accompany the drinks. If you are hungry, the kitchen will offer you all the Mexican favorites you crave: Shrimp bisque, Cabrito Guadalupana, Chipotle meatballs, Angulas, Manitas a la Vinagreta, fried or steamed leg of lamb, veal cutlests, cecina de Morelos, beef tartar, mole verde or Poblano with pork or chicken, pork rinds in green sauce, tongue a la Veracruzana, Chile Relleno, and even, when in season, cod and romeritos with chiles. They also boast the best sandwiches in Coyoacán and delicious deserts.

~ cost per person: 
$250 MXN
1:00 pm – 12:00 am M-Sa
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