Mismaloya is one of Puerto Vallarta's most exotic locations and a great place to escape from the touristy Malecón. Set on a beautiful cove with calm water ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving, or just taking a boat ride, this is one of those off-the-beaten track delights that makes Mexico such a special place. Mismaloya is also a tiny village with a handful of restaurants catering to visitors selling the usual jewelry, crafts, and of couse lots of beer and fresh seafood. Visitors can also go beach hopping by boat for hire or get a message.

Mismaloya however isn't your ordinary Mexican pueblo. This is also the location for the famous film The Night of the Iguana starring Richard Burton and Ava Gardner, directed by John Houston and based on a play by Tennessee Williams - a great film and a real must see. The film's site is today is in ruins, but visitors can walk right up to it and admire the view.

One can also get a close up view of Los Arcos... from pretty much any point in Vallarta if you look south, you'll see three rock formations of descending size just off the shore. This is Los Arcos, which mark the entrance to Mismaloya.

Across the highway from the entrance to Mismaloya beach is El Eden, a jungly bit of coast that served as a location for parts of the film Predator. There is also a zoo across the street. Boca de Tomatlan is just a few kilometers south.

Hotels & Accommodations

La Jolla de Mismaloya Condos and the Hotel Barcelo are located at Mismaloya.

How to get to Mismaloya

Mismaloya is south of Vallarta off Highway 200. The drive takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can get a bus (the cost is about 50 cents) near the corner of Badillo and Constitución in the "Romantic Zone" area just south of the bridge over Rio Cuale that divides the Malecón. Here's a map pinpointing the location of where to catch the bus. To get back, just get on the same bus at the same spot it dropped you off. They run every 15 to 20 minutes or so.

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Mismaloya Beach
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