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Santiago de la Monclova, more commonly referred to as just “Monclova” is located in the State of Coahuila, Mexico. This industrial city is the capital of the state as well as the country’s steel capital. Monclova has grown steadily into that title and into the steel industry since the Altos Hornos de Mexico Iron and Steel Factory opened its doors in 1942.

As the steel industry flourished in Monclova, so did the city’s ability to accommodate both business and leisure travelers to the city. Anyone visiting here will find modern business and tourist services and conveniences, including state-of-the art exposition centers, exquisite hotels, and delectable cuisine.

But, here you will also find a host of cultural attractions and fun things to do. Let’s not forget that while the Monclova of today is a bustling industrial icon, it has always been a city rich in history, culture, and tradition. It has all the beautiful ancient architecture, cathedrals, monuments, and other attractions that draw visitors to Mexico’s cities. If you’re traveling here for business, bring the family along – there is much to keep them busy.

Among the city of Monclova’s wonderful attractions are:

The 17th Century St. Francis of Assisi Church – don’t let its austere façade throw you off, inside sits a magnificent 24-karat gold covered baroque-style altarpiece.

The 18th Century Santiago Apostol Parish Church – its beautiful façade is made of carved cantera stone.

Ermita de Zapopan Church – this 17th century church was restored early in the 19th century to repair damage caused by the revolution.

Museum Coahuila – this 18th century building has a dynamic history; it was initially built as a hospital, but it was later turned into a jail for Miguel Hidalgo and troops. Executions went on out back. Today it is home to a permanent exhibit of the history of the region. Seasonal expositions are also held here.

Museum La Purisima – the building was originally constructed as a fort in 1781, but since 1977 is has been the home of the Arms and Historical Aspects Museum with exhibits depicting Monclova’s history.

Meteorological Observatory - a highly sophisticated, computer-controlled, video system projects live images of the stars, planets, sun, and moon onto a screen.

Pape Museum – this is really a library, cultural complex, and activity center with seasonal international art exhibits and a permanent collection illustrating the life’s work of Lou and Harold Pape. Its large auditorium seats 300 people for plays and concerts.

Xochipilli Parks – a huge expanse of parkland designed exclusively for recreational activities, set amidst a beautiful setting of rivers and waterfalls.

Devil's Cave – here you can explore the ancient are of drawing on rocks.

If you’re not too exhausted from touring all of these fabulous attractions, you can always visit the Monclova Zoo, or pick up some terrific souvenirs at the Center for Handcrafts!

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