El Tío

Hidalgo No. 1746 Pe, Obispado, Nuevo León 64060
Mexican | Steakhouse

Who would have thought, over 70 years ago that Uncle Rodrigo and Aunt Aurora from the Calderón farm would have begun this great history, framed by their unequaled hospitality, their sincere smiles and their excellent taste for precisely seasoned food. “El Tío” has been organizing banquets and events for Monterrey society for over three generations now, welcoming distinguished statesmen and celebrities alike. This large establishment with high ceilings and thick walls preserves the unforgettable anecdotes and personal histories of patrons over the years, faithful witnesses to the history and tradition of the place. Even the gazebos and kiosks in the gardens have been preserved from a previous time. There, in the shade of the walnut trees, you can enjoy Monterrey’s best and most typical dishes.

Locals still return to El Tío often, to recapture memories of youth and to relive the delicious meals they have enjoyed with their families in this mixture of heritage and restaurant. El Tío has recovered and preserved Northern Mexico’s unique culinary style, and invites visitors to take part in savoring the tradition.

~ cost per person: 
$300 MXN
12 pm - 12 am M-Sa | 12 pm - 8 pm Su
+52 81 8346-0291 | +52 81 8346-2818 | +52 81 8348-7735
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