City Signs Pact with Foundation

20 September, 2011 by Patrick Ellis - Mexico NewsNavojoa News | Sonora News
Signing ceremony: Navajoa and Fundación México Sustentable
Signing ceremony: Navajoa and Fundación México Sustentable
Purpose is to improve economic development

(Navojoa, Sonora, 20 September) The government of the city of Navojoa and the Fundación México Sustentable (Sustainable Mexico Foundation) have signed a cooperation agreement to foster sustainable economic and social development in Navojoa. The purpose is to attract alternatives for investment, technical support and promotion to Navojoa, according to a statement made by Mayor José Abraham Mendívil López. He said, “Development and growth is worth nothing if it leaves our rural communities behind.” Navojoa’s Secretary of Economic Development, Karla Martínez Díaz de León, added that this agreement will support programs designed to improve living conditions for men and women throughout the whole municipality, much of which is comprised of small pueblos.

The Foundation’s purpose is to foster integrated, sustainable projects that can generate jobs and incomes. According to its president, Hilario Valanzuela Robles Linares, one of the criteria for designing development projects is to preserve and enhance, rather than change and revolutionize, the life-style of the rural residents of Navojoa. He emphasized that urban economic development can only take place if it is part of a plan for economic improvement among the rural society.

On a related matter, the mayor also commented that he had received 98% of the acceptances from persons who will cede their land for the creation of the “Los Pilares” hydroelectric facility and dam in Álamos.


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