Democracy Can’t Exist Without Freedom of Speech

26 September, 2011 by David Real - Mexico NewsTapachula News | Chiapas News
Congressman Sami David speaks out for free expression
Congressman Sami David speaks out for free expression
Legislator urges everyone to put aside differences and work together

(Tapachula, Chiapas, September 23) “In Mexico we cannot speak of democracy if we cannot yet fully exercise freedom of expression, nor can we say that we respect the news media when murders of journalists go unpunished and their safety cannot be guaranteed,” said Sami David David, a federal legislator representing Tapachula.
Deputy David said that the National Congress is being asked to make reforms in the laws of public safety and security, including several points designed to protect journalists. He said, “The political system in this country is depends to a great degree on the communications media, and there is not one political figure who does not depend on them for being heard by the people.”

In a press interview, Sami David also stressed the importance of unity, dialogue and respect for all political expressions, to “favor the triumphant vision of the community” and “the universal value in our common efforts.” It needs to be “identified and committed to the progress of development in important regions, like Chiapas, on the southern border.”

The congressman continued: “Peace is fundamental to respect, to understanding, to dialogue and to free expression. We need to accept each other, to serve and to work towards social harmony, for the well-being of all our peoples.” His message was directed at a need for unity and tolerance of each other in the common struggle against lawlessness. “Free political expression,” he said, “generated within all of us the ability to build, to think, to bring about new ideas and effective mechanisms for social peace.”

In a concrete manner, he said he was seeking an agreement among the entire Chiapas delegation in the National Congress “to put aside questions of color, and unite efforts to increase resources to be applied in Chiapas, and thus continue with development within the state.” The negative implication is that he perceives among some colleagues more concern for certain races and classes than for the overall well-being of all citizens in his state.


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