Airport Transport Services Still in Conflict

04 October, 2011 by David Real - Mexico NewsZihuatanejo News | Guerrero News
Government mediators say a settlement is essential before high season

(Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, 3 October) Officials of the federal Department of Transportation (SCT) have arrived to try to mediate a dispute between the vans that operate out of the International Airport of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and the local taxis, who compete for passengers at facility. The president of the Union of Transport Workers of Zihuatanejo Ixtapa, Erasmo Landeros Aguilar, summarized the long-standing conflict: “Everyone knows about the dispute between Zihuatanejo taxi drivers and the transport companies at the airport itself. They [the transport companies] create road blocks with their vans, so as not to let the taxis leave, even when they have tourist passengers. This happens even in the middle of high season, creating a very bad image for Zihuatanejo.”

Mr. Landeros added that this conflict between tour operators or vans on the one hand and taxis on the other has been a continued sore spot for 20 years. Several time the union of transport workers has asked the Department of Transportation to aid in the matter, and, according to Landeros, “They just come and create more friction; then they leave without providing any suggestions or a solution. They drop it in the lap of the municipality. We urgently need a solution before the high season in December.” Landeros added that this time, the result was the same as ever.

According to Landeros, the airport transport companies have a federal concession, but they do not have to comply with all the rules that are imposed on licensed taxis, which come from the state of Guerrero. For that reason, he says the federal and state officials need to engage the problem and work it out, perhaps with the municipal government as moderator.


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