Acapulco Prisons not such a bad place to pass one’s time

08 November, 2011 by Staff - Mexico NewsAcapulco News | Guerrero News

While 2011 may witness Mexico’s once glorious resort Acapulco win the dubious title of the world’s most violent city with a murder rate surpassing an incredible 130 murders per 100,000 of its population, life in Acapulco's prisons aren’t always too bad.

An early Monday morning surprise raid by federal police on Acapulco's prisons turned up 19 prostitutes, 2 large bundles of marijuana, over 100 fighting cocks, 2 peacocks, bottles of liquor, wide screen TVs, DVDs, and video games.

Mexico’s prison system is well known to be both lax with the rules and quite willing to allow special perks for certain of its inmates. Conjugal visits are allowed and prostitution is legal in Acapulco, however various female prisoners were also found living in the male unit.

The coddling of Acapulco's notoriously violent prisoners is just the latest embarrassment for Acapulco’s municipal administration that has seen a seemingly unending stream of accusations or corruption, collaboration with organized crime, and mismanagement.


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