Murder of American David William Reitz III Solved

16 January, 2012 by Staff - Mexico NewsPuerto Vallarta News | Jalisco News

Police investigators today captured Arturo Márquez Martínez, alias “El Cazango,” who was the primary suspect in the murder of American David William Reitz III, which occurred in Puerto Vallarta on the 23rd of November 2011.

Márquez Martínez was captured in the municipality of Chapala, were it is believed he had a prior, pecuniary relationship with the victim that involved the exchange of money for services.

On November 23, 2011 the body of Mr. Reitz was found in a condominium located on Calle Allende, near the northern end of downtown not far from the Malecón. His corpse was discovered in a bathroom with hands and feet tied and numerous stab wounds to his neck and abdomen.

Márquez Martínez is said to have confessed to the murder, which he explained took place after a visit between the two and an unnamed minor on the 21st of November. The primary motive appears to have been the robbery of approximately $300 USD dollars, a debit card, and a laptop computer.

Márquez Martínez is alleged to have decided to murder the victim rather than risk being reported to the police for the robbery.


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