Zihuatanejo Couple Sentenced to 40 years in Prison for Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

08 April, 2012 by Staff - Mexico NewsZihuatanejo News | Guerrero News

Jorge Solís Ramírez and Diana Gallardo Magdaleno, residents of the José Azueta neighborhood of Zihuatanejo, were sentenced to forty years, four months and fifteen days in prison and fined 218 thousand pesos for statutory rape, pornography, prostitution, and corruption of a minor the Attorney General for the State of Guerrero announced last week.

Solís indicated to prosecutors that he took Gallardo’s daughter to his home on various occasions with the mother’s full consent, typically in exchange for money. Once there, the minor was made to perform sexual acts with Solís, photographed, and was featured in pornographic videos.

On October 18, 2011, neighbors of Solís informed police of the illegal activity. The Policía Investigadora Ministerial (PIM) quickly responded and caught Solís red-handed.

The judicial process has taken nearly six months to complete.

The age of consent in Mexico is 18 and penalties for the exploitation of minors throughout the nation are severe.


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