Acapulco Coming Back to Life

09 April, 2012 by J. W. Fabian - Mexico NewsAcapulco News | Guerrero News

This year's Semana Santa/Easter holiday saw a major increase in visitors to Acapulco. While international tourism to the traditional Mexican beach resort remains almost non-existent largely due to the continued barrage of negative press circulating in the U.S. and Canada, Mexican tourists flooded the resort city over the holiday weekend.

Municipal tourism secretary Agustín Serrano reported the hotel occupancy near 100% for the embattled tourist resort. While high hotel occupancies have been reported in the past, the hyper crowded beaches belied the notion that, this time, the statistics are for real.

Acapulco Semana Santa 2012

Acapulco's discos, which recently had so little activity that they opened only a couple nights a week on a rotating schedule, were packed to 100% capacity over the weekend confirmed disco owner Fernando Reyna Iglesias. Acapulco's hottest nightspots including El Alebrije, Ninas, Palladium, Mandara and Cassico del Mar were all reported to be operating at 100% capacity.

With incidences of violence considerably down as the federal government has taken control of nighttime policing and the continuing arrests for local cartel members, the subject of the recent violence in Acapulco seemed all but forgotten.

Guerrero governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero was in town and took a look for himself at the crowds at Playa Tamarindo over the weekend.

"Fortunately, the subject violence isn't being discussed anymore among the tourists and this due to the large-scale effort we've undertaken collectively with Operation Safe Guerrero as well as the new attractions we're implementing," he assured.

While Acapulco was rated the fourth most violent city on earth for 2011, those days seem to be gone, for now at least, as Acapulco picks up where it left off back in 2007.

While U.S. and Canadian tourism remains anemic, visitors from Mexico City, Guadalajara, and elsewhere continue to regard Acapulco as a favorite vacation spot and seem quite happy to have things back to normal.


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