Mexico Nightlife

Baby'o has been one of Acapulco's favorite and most exclusive nightclubs since 1976. It is the club of choice for many of Acapulco's most esteemed visitors including Luis Miguel, Bono, Mick Jager, and Silvester Stallone. It's considered Acapulco's most exclusive club so you may need to know someone to get in.
A great laser light show with live music and an excellent view of the stage. This place is as hot as the bikini girls often seen partying in the shelf/pool . . . and these girls aren't just average hot, they will make the guys stand up and salute 8) . With a capacity for 2000 and private party rooms (the VIP lounge has a jacuzzi), this place will get your blood pumping to the rhythm of the music. The Bulldog Cafe has hosted shows by Guns n'Roses, AC/DC, Radio Head, Mana, Molotov, Naughty by Nature, Paulina Rubio and Shakira amongst many others. hot, Hot, HOT! - at the Krystal Hotel.
If you have been to any of the Carlos 'n' Charlies in Mexico, you know what they are all about. If not, picture loud music, wet T shirt contests (among other party games :), and lots of drinking. Capacity of about 1000 (standing room only when packed). Phone: 883-0846 Located at Km 5.5.
Is hands down the no-contest winner for THE HOT SPOT nightclub for dancing the night away in Cancun. Go there once and if you consider yourself a party person, you will make this THE place you go to get your groove on. A tiered bowl shaped arena with a hanging stage, flying acrobats, on-bar conga lines, live bands, video screens that drop from the ceiling to play classic hits, bubble / foam parties, streamers, balloons, and a crazy dressed like "The Mask" dude pouring tequila down any throat within his reach are just a few reasons to see this place for yourself. Go, Go, CoCo Bongo!
One of Mexico’s most popular clubs, Dady'O is known for endless nights of dancing, great parties, famous DJ’s, three dimensional laser show, CO2 cooling effects, action packed shows and theme parties. Considered an international hot spot for people from all walks of life. Open from10 p.m.till…? 7 days a week.
Located in the Golden Zone, El Alebrije has been one of Acapulco's largest and most popular nightclubs since arriving in 1998. The nightclub caters primarily to teens and 20 somethings playing a mix of English and Spanish rock, pop, and club music.
Easily the #1 place to go to drink beers by the beach during the day, or to do essentially the same until late at night is Joe's Oyster Bar or "El Oyster" as the locals call it. If you're looking for a guaranteed party, you won't be disappointed at Joe's.
The Kentucky Club, or more correctly, The Kentucky Club & Grill, is one of Ciudad Juerez's most iconic nightspot, a throwback to the era when Juarez was a favorite party place for Americans. Unassuming to the point of being nondescript on the outside, inside this traditional bar is full of charisma. The Kentucky Club was established in 1920 by distillers from Kentucky looking to relocate themselves out of the reach of U.S. law. Located a hop, skip and a jump from the Santa Fe bridge, it became a favorite bar for Americans looking for a bit of fun and freedom and especially an escape from Prohibition. Some of the Kentucky Club's more famous include Marilyn Monroe, Al Capone, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan, and Jim Morrison. The Margarita (that most famous of cocktail) is said to have been invented here.
Since 1988, one of Tijuana's top nightclubs. A favorite of Americans that come to town to party.
One of Acapulco's elite dance clubs, Mandara is the smaller cousin of nearby Palladium. Much like Palladium, Mandara has an open bar, a steep cover, and a dancer floor with amazing views of Acapulco bay. It plays rock, house, pop and caters to a trendy crowd of locals and visitors. It has a cool after hours lounge upstairs, Privado, for a bit of stylish lounging. The action starts around midnight and goes until 4 or 5 in the morning.
Great restaurant bar for people that like to dance cumbia epecially.
Mojito, located in the hear of La Condesa, is Acapulco's premier salsa club with live entertainment straight from Havana, Cuba. This is the place in Acapulco to bring a date and salsa the night away.
Palladium is Acapulco's marquee disco and home to the city's famous silver fire-breathing Azteca. Palladium is located in Las Brisas and boasting a truly stunning view of Acapulco Bay and the city's twinkling lights through 160 ft. wide glass windows, Palladium is one nightclub not to be missed. Steep cover, trendy attire, open bar until close about 4 or 5 am.
On Friday night there's no cover charge for the ladies until 11:00 (cover charge is $4.00 USD). They have live bands Thursday through Sunday night, a dance floor, and a mix of tourists and locals around 20 years old.
Señor Frog's is one of Mexico's favorite franchises, it does the restaurant-bar thing right. Great food, lots of drinks and always a fun party atmosphere. Acapulco's incarnation of Frogs is located in the Las Brisas area. Though it's dance floor is small, it makes up for it with a spectacular view of Acapulco Bay. A great place to start a lively evening out on the town.
Still happening after all these years, Señor Frog's is Mazatlan's premier restaurant-bar. The only thing that's changed is the location (now located next to El Cid hotel). Always lively, though not always crowded. If you pick the right night, this can be the place to be.
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