Playa del Carmen Restaurants

Playa del Carmen Restaurants including fine dining, restaurant bars, Mexican cuisine, French, Italian and many other restaurant options in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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Playa del Carmen Restaurants are definitely on par with the best to be found in any major Mexican tourist destination. Restaurants in Playa del Carmen are as diverse as the city itself. One can find upscale restaurants in the resorts, open air cafes with a continental flavor on 5th Avenue, and the places that are favored by locals and backpackers on a budget.

La Tarraya - Budget restaurant which specializes in seafood. Good location with view of the dock, shops, basketball court, and the beach. On the beach between Calle 2 & Calle 4.

La Parrilla - (The Grill) Medium priced restaurant specializes in Steak, Lobster, Fajitas. Great location on 3rd floor overlooking the pedestrian walkway. Avenida 5 at Calle 8.

Ajua! - Medium/High priced restaurant with specialties including seafood, angus steaks, and New York style cheesecake. Calle 4 between Avenidas 5 & 10.

Blue Lobster - High priced restaurant where you can choose a live lobster, jumbo shrimp, seveche, or imported T-bone steak. Very romantic atmosphere after dark. Calle 12 & Avenida 5.

Casa del Agua - Medium/High featuring Swiss, German, and Italian specialties. Chosen as a Fodor's favorite. Avenida 5 & Calle 2.

Cafe Sasta - Budget Coffee drinks, Teas, and light sandwiches. Avenida 5 between Calles 8 & 10.

Las Mascaras Pizzeria - Budget/Medium restaurant with yummy thin crust pizzas cooked in a wood oven. Italian food including pastas (made in-house) and fresh fish. Avenida Juarez.

Bar Pez Vela - Budget/Medium restaurant with Texas chili, Mexican dishes, and seafood. Avenida 5 & Calle 2.

Sacbe Cafe - Budget/Medium vegetarian restaurant on Avenida 5.

Sabor - Budget vegetarian restaurant & juice bar on Avenida 5 between Calles 2 & 4.

Media Luna - Medium Don't be fooled by the looks, try this place! Avenida 5 between Calles 8 & 10.

Yaxche - Medium/High Maya specialties. Calle 8 between Avenidas 5 & 10.

Ristorante Italiano Da Gabi - Budget/Medium Italian food, romantic setting, breakfast buffet. Calle 12 off Avenida 5.

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