Puerto Vallarta Spring Break

For a college or university student, Spring Break is one of the most exciting memory-making events in their collegiate life, and the perfect place to spend this well-needed reprieve from reading text books and cramming for exams is in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! This exciting up and coming Spring Break destination provides all of the thrills, parties, and chilling that you’d find in Cancun or Acapulco, but without the overcrowded atmosphere.

Puerto Vallarta promises 25 miles of palm-tree laced white sand beaches, 85 degree temperatures beneath clear blue skies, wild beach parties every day, a spectacular non-stop night-life, an abundance of beer, martinis, umbrella drinks, and fantastic times shared with new friends and old pals! What more could any memory-making spring breaker ask for!

By day, sleep in, then relax on the beach beneath a palapa with an ice-cold drink in hand, hit the water with a soaring jet ski, play beach volleyball or bikini golf, swing through the jungle on a canopy tour, or chill at your hotel indulging in your all-inclusive poolside services.

By night, don your “clubbing” clothes and flirt with a hot prospect at one of Puerto Vallarta’s many exciting nightclubs where you can dance the night away to rock ‘n roll or Caribbean Reggae music permeated with state of the art sound, lighting, and laser systems. Puerto Vallarta nights are alive with high-end nightclubs as well as popular bars, such as Collage, Mandala, Hilo, Christine, The Zoo, and Senor Frogs. You and your friends can party all you want, the night doesn’t stop until you do.

Not to worry if you are in the mood for a quieter evening. Puerto Vallarta has plenty of lounges where you can relax on a couch and have quiet conversations while sipping on a designer martini. Or hang out at a pub and play pool with your buddies.

Wherever you decide to spend the evening, be sure to bring about $25 - $40 along for “all-you-can-drink” cover charges offered by several establishments. It’ll save you some money in the long run.

If you are not sure how to go about planning all this excitement, help is available. Several travel companies will plan your entire spring break – and they’ve thought of everything! From a beachfront hotel to “front of the line” bar passes. The biggest benefit of using a tour company to plan your spring break is the ability to bar hop without having to wait in line to get in.

Figuring out where to stay on your own won’t be a problem either. Puerto Vallarta has accommodations to meet every one’s budget. Some of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular Spring Break hotels include: Buenaventura Grand Hotel, Villas Vallarta, Las Palmas, and Krystal Vallarta.

Many resorts and hotels are “all-inclusive”, which means that lunch, breakfast, dinner, and very often, drinks, are included in the price. Prices can run from $170-$400 per night.

Some Spring Breakers traveling in large groups choose to rent Villas where they can share not only the camaraderie of their Spring Break adventure, but expenses too. If the Villa costs $1200-$2500 a night and you have 10-20 people, this may be a good way to keep expenses down.

If you choose a hotel, don’t forget to use their Concierge Services to help make reservations for jet skiing, scuba diving, 4-wheeling, parasailing, deep sea fishing, golfing, or anything else your little fun-loving heart desires. Concierge services (but not the activities) are free to hotel patrons and it’s the knowledgeable Concierge’s pleasure to direct you to the hottest attractions in town.

Just remember to make your reservations early. You don’t want to miss out on a spectacular Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta. It’ll make you forget about that lousy mid-term exam in no time at all.

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