San Blas Mexico

San Blas is a fishing village of about 12,000 people, located on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Nayarit and a popular, romantic getaway for those in the know.

Nestled between two major tourist destinations, it is two hours from Puerto Vallarta and four hours from Mazatlan. Visitors to San Blas will experience a traditional Mexican pueblo on the sea, where most of the streets are a mixture of dirt and cobblestone, and the Spanish speaking population are friendly. The Huichol are a familiar and colorful sight around town - the men in their embroidered muslin suits and plumed hats, the women in bright print outfits. The center of the town is a plaza in front of the church where visitors might be invited by a local to join them for dinner.

Economically, San Blas inhabitants rely on fishing, tourism, and the town’s tropical landscape supports their long dependence on the land as well. San Blas plantations are large and plentiful and run the gamut of banana, papaya, mango, tobacco, coffee and sugar cane. Travelers flying in will see a land covered in a kaleidoscope of this vegetation. Commercial fishing includes shrimp, octopus, lobster, oysters, clams and local fish like red snapper, mahi mahi, sea bass and Spanish mackerel.

The town was immortalized by Mexican musicians Maná on their seminal album Sueños Líquidos with the song "En El Muelle De San Blás". (If you haven't heard the album, its one of Mexico's best pop / rock albums of the 1990s - if you like that type of music, you won't be disappointed.)

San Blas Beaches

Eighteen miles of untampered beaches, stretch across the shoreline of San Blas, and each one has its own special draw. Major beaches include: El Rey, El Borrego, Las Islitas, Matanchen, Aticama, Miramar, Los Cocos, Santa Cruz, and Platanitos. Many of the beaches have shaded hammocks where you can relax, read, or take a siesta.

Miramar Beach, located 12 miles from San Blas, is a great place for fishing mojarra, red porgy, snoek and European sea bass. Sport fishing in San Blas is popular and catches include spearfish, sailfish, and marlin.

Matanchen Bay, Los Cocos, Las Islitas and El Borrego are popular surfing beaches. In the summer months the waves reach great height.

San Blas Attractions

San Blas is a well-known bird watching area and has hosted many international bird watching events. Visitors to the area will feast their eyes on a variety of beautiful, colorful indigenous birds. La Bajada, is a pretty little mountain village a short ride away, and is excellent bird watching territory. Buses run from San Blas to La Bajada a couple times a day.

A Jungle Boat Ride - ride through the mangrove swamps to a natural fresh water pool where you can swim with the crocodiles. See many species of birds, crocodiles in the wild, turtles and iguanas. You can also visit the crocodile farm as part of this excursion.

Visit Isla Isabel - The island became a national park in 1980, and the federal and state governments maintain it as an ecological preserve. The island is 42 nautical miles offshore and is of volcanic origin. There are two beaches, Los Pescadores and Las Monas. It’s a marine avian sanctuary with excellent snorkeling opportunities. Bird sightings include blue-footed and yellow-footed boobies, pelicans, swallows and sea gulls. Isla Isabel is one of the main nesting areas in the Pacific Ocean. Parakeets and sea swallows use the island for breeding from September to November.

How to Get to San Blas

Most people fly into Puerto Vallarta, and from there take a bus to San Blas. There are 4 buses daily from Puerto Vallarta to San Blas. The trip to San Blas takes 3 1/2 hours. There are no bathrooms on these buses - nor do they make stops. The bus station is located about a mile from the airport. Note: Puerto Vallarta is one hour later than San Blas.

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