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The town of San Quintin is situated along the Pacific coast in Mexico’s state of Baja California. Most people come across it driving south of the U.S. border with Mexico south from Ensenada and is the last coastal tourist town before the Transcontinental Peninsular Highway heads south and over to the east side of the Peninsula.

It’s mostly an agricultural town and the main road through town isn’t much to look at but it has all the essentials passers through might need. San Quintin is also one of the largest tomato-producing areas in the world and also produces strawberries, fishing, and oyster farming also contributing to its economic base.

But this rustic Mexican town is showing signs of entering into the tourist market as well, with its beautiful bays and beaches. Several large-scale tourism developments are on the drawing board, including a marina, a golf course, and several waterfront homes and accommodations.

San Quintin is the home to one of the largest protected bay areas on the Baja Peninsula’s west coast. The protected bays include Bahia Santa Maria, Bahia Falsa, and Bahía de San Quintín (aka San Quintin Bay). And it is these beautiful bays, along with other nearby bays, that are becoming so popular as a travel destination for surfers, swimmers, scuba divers, sailors, bird-watchers, anglers, clam diggers, and those beach-loving people who are just interested in a getting a terrific tan.

Most visitors to San Quintin gravitate towards San Quintin Bay, which is located about 3 miles west of town. Along San Quintin Bay you’ll find many services for activities, such as kayaking, boating, fishing, camping, hiking and off-road motoring activities. Off the bays you’ll see several inactive volcanoes peeking out of the water. These volcanoes are like a sea barrier, calming the waters that enter the bays, making them perfect areas for swimming, kayaking, or boating.

North of San Quintin are nearby bays that offer ideal conditions for surfing and sport fishing, including the bays of Colonet, San Ramon, and Camalú.

Things to do in and around San Quintin:

Hit the beaches. San Quintin has many pretty beaches, such as Malibu Beach Pacific, Playa Medano, Playa de Oro Playa Santa María, La Chorera Pacific, and the prettiest beach in the area: Playa Pabellón.

Go scuba diving off San Martin Island, a diving paradise located a mere five miles offshore.

Go fishing. The waters off San Quintin’s coast are incredibly rich with fish of many species, making San Quintin’s fishing camps and service a huge draw for sports fishermen. Tuna fishing is especially famous here; anglers come here from around the world to experience the tuna fishing season.

Go off-roading on the area’s expansive sand dunes. Off-road races are very popular here as well. Whether you are interested in racing or just cruising, rent a quad bike or other ATV and join in the fun!

Tour an oyster farm at Bahia Falsa. San Quintin has a thriving oyster farming industry, and an oyster farm tour would be an interesting and educational experience for the entire family.

Tour the Old Mill (El Molino Viejo); located in the heart of San Quintin Bay it is also the heart of San Quintin’s past. Here you’ll find machinery and buildings used by English settlers that inhabited the region towards the end of the 19th century. Incidentally, the Old Mill is a major launch point for sport anglers and has been so for many decades.

Tour the nearby (20 km) 18th - 19th century ruins of the Santo Domingo de la Frontera mission. For more missions continue south 50 km to the village of El Rosario and a bit beyond where you’ll find other missions, such as the Rosario de Arriba and Rosario de Abajo.

Before leaving El Rosario, be sure to stop at the legendary Mama Espinoza’s restaurant for her famous lobster tacos and burritos. Here you can also tour a small museum with photographs from the Baja 1000 off-road races and dinosaur fossils for which the town is also known. Incidentally, there is a nice beach called Playa Tranquillo located just a few kilometers north of El Rosario.

Visit La Lobera for views of sea lions that have made their home here. It’s located about 48 km from San Quintin in Mesa del Rosario.

Join a winery tour – the Ensenada Valley has many wineries and claims that it was the fore-runner to the United States’ Napa Valley wine region in California. Tours include a guided look through wine cellars and wine tasting. Alternatively, drive the Ruta del Vino (Wine Route) to check out the wineries on your own.

Enjoy fresh seafood, like lobster and abalone that are so abundant in the waters off of San Quintin. Smoked clam soup is also a very popular choice on menus here.

If you are looking for a more peaceful, less tourist-populated travel destination, with all of the exciting water sports and activities imaginable, check out San Quintin and its beautiful bays!

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