Troncones is a tiny, but growing, beach community about 20 miles up the coast from Zihuatanejo in the state of Guerrero. It’s located in the La Unión de Isidoro Montes de Oca municipality that occupies the northwest corner of Guerrero and borders the state of Michoacán.

Troncones is a rustic place with a wide expanse of very photogenic beach at the edge of civilization. With relatively little in the way of commercial offerings or tourist infrastructure, the town of about 500 people is known for its fishing, surfing, sea turtles, and growing community of expats looking for a place way off the beaten track who like to lounge around in their hammocks. The town has a few restaurants, small hotels, and hostels, and some places offering visitors surf lessons. You can also camp here. There’s not much in the way of nightlife, though during high season there might be a few small happenings.

There are a couple sea caves called Troncones and Majahua and a waterfall called Cascadas Artesianas nearby.

When I went last January, we discovered that it’s possible to be there on the weekend and not see another human walking along the beach. We also discovered that it’s not easy “getting there and away”. We ended up paying $50 USD for a resident to drive us back to Ixtapa otherwise we may have been stuck there - our cab driver took-off unannounced after having agreed to wait for us. There must be a cheaper way to get there and back.

Troncones Point is the marquee spot for surfing along the three-mile beach and you can do so in relative privacy. The summer months are the best time to come when the breaks can reach 25 feet high.

Troncones is a great spot for surfers to drive down in their VW bus and camp out on the beach, folks looking to do some fishing, or anyone looking for a serious off the beaten track experience away from anything remotely touristy.

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