Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos would be better described as the two Cabos (San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas) connected by a developing stretch of beach known only as the Corridor.

San José del Cabo

is best known as the part of Los Cabos that caters to the older, slightly more reserved crowd.

Great resorts on great beaches may lead one to assume that there is great swimming here too. Well, there isn't. The waters on the Pacific side of the peninsula are rough and dangerous, pounding surf, strong rip tides and under-tows. If you want to swim, you should head for Playa Palmilla in the Corridor.

The main street in San Jose del Cabo is Boulevard Mijares which runs from City Hall to the tourist zone on the south side. In spite of the myriad of expensive resorts which line the beach, the town has remained walking distance small with everything you need on the main strip.

Cabo San Lucas

is the part of Los Cabos that tends towards golfers, the party crowd and those looking for a more lively nightlife scene. Again, nice resorts, great beaches and a nice town center.

The main strip here is Avenida Lazaro Cardenas. Again, the town is walking distance and you will find trendy restaurants, shopping, nightlife and tour operators here in the tourist zone.

The activities offered in Cabo San Lucas are what make it so attractive to the more active (younger) crowd. Some come seeking the year round spring break, others the golf, sport fishing, surfing, scuba diving . . . and the list goes on (but we will cover that in the Attractions section).

Los Cabos Corridor

Let’s not forget the Tourist Corridor, which is set along an 18-mile highway that stretches between the all-out rowdy Cabo San Lucas and the charming, laid-back San Jose del Cabo. Along this corridor are Championship golf courses, beautiful sandy beaches, and luxury resorts. It is said that this corridor is where new-comers to the area go and retirees stay. The latter might account for 70-80% of the corridor’s population coming from the United States. Exclusive hotels and gated residential communities attract a wide array of the rich and famous, as well.

Some of the Corridor’s most popular beaches include Playa Santa Maria, Chileno, Monuments Beach, Twin Dolphin Beach, Costa Azul, Palmilla, Playa Acapulquito, Bledito, and Playa Cabo Real. Each beach is unique, from quiet and serene waters to great surfing sites. Some have tourist services and others do not.

If you don’t wish to rent a car, buses run all day between the two cities; just let the driver know where you want to get dropped off. Also, any one of the plethora of tour companies in the area will be happy to show you around. Some of the organized trips include (by van or boat) snorkeling, kayaking, and beach outings.

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