International Phone Calls

Be sure to check the rates for International calls before dialing from your hotel room. Many hotels have special deals with phone companies that will charge you exorbitant rates for International calls.

There is also the option of using a special "direct to USA" pay phone to make your international call. Beware, or as they say in Mexico ¡Ojo! These phone booths don't list their rates for a reason. Pick one up and don't be surprised to if the call costs HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. Probably the biggest rip off out there. Makes the charge for restocking your hotel frigobar look like peanuts. Fortunately, with the passing of the first decade of the new millennium and the revolution in telecommunications sweeping Mexcio, these merciless beasts are, thankfully, becoming extinct. But be ware that they may still be out there, lurking.

You will often see stores that sell phone cards with a chip which you insert into a phone. Watch how fast the meter runs and that $10 card runs out in under 5 minuets!

I can tell you first hand that my brother called the US from a phone booth in Mazatlan while there and time that added up to

MONEY SAVING TIP : Use a phone card with rates listed for each country! You can even get a pin number online!

Check the rates by our sponsor. I personally found them to be the best way to phone home on the cheap :)


040 Local Operator / Information
01 Direct dialing within Mexico (01 + Area Code + Number)
001 Direct dialing to US, Canada, or Caribbean (001 + Area Code
+ Number)
00 Direct dialing to the rest of the world (00 + Area Code + Number)
066 Emergency number (like 911 in the US)
044 To Dial a Cell Phone from a Payphone or Landline (044 + Area Code + Number)
Spanish version of this page: Llamadas Internacionales