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Tijuana Bus Station

Tijuana Bus Station (Central de Autobuses de Tujuana) - Located at Lázaro Cárdenas 15751, Chapultepec Alamar. This is Tijuana's main bus station with buses to all points south and east. Click here to see map.

ABC Bus Station (Autotransportes de Baja California) - You will find very frequent departures to Ensenada, Mexicali, and all buses points all the way down to Los Cabos. Located at Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas s/n y Rio Alamar; 01 800 0250 222

Mexicoach Bus Station Mexicoach Bus Station - Provides convenient shuttles between Tijuana and the U.S. side of the border that allow you to avoid the long lines when trying to cross on foot or by car. You can get a round trip ticket if you can to get back to the U.S. side again for just $6.00 USD. The Terminal Turística is located Tijuana Av. Revolución 1025 between 6th & 7th Streets Zona Centro, Tijuana, BC, C.P. 22000; 011+52(664) 685 1470. Don't be fooled when you don't find a bus station as you enter. You have to go to the back of the shopping area on the left to get to the ticket counter. The U.S. location is found at: 4570 Camino De La Plaza, San Diego, CA 92173-3104; (619) 428-9517
Greyhound Bus Station Greyhound Station (U.S.) - If you are trying to go somewhere in the United States, you'll find the Greyhound station conveniently located on the U.S. side of the border. As you walk through (to enter the US) you need to take a sharp right as you exit Customs. As always, greyhound can take you anywhere you need to go. 799 East San Ysidro Boulevard, San Ysidro, CA; (619) 428-1194
Tijuana Bus Station Map Greyhound Station (U.S.) Mexicoach Shuttle

Tijuana Airport

The Tijuana Airport is called General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport (TIJ) and is one of the busiest airports in Mexico. You can arrive at the airport by shuttle, bus, or taxi.

Airport Taxis - You can take a to the airport, but you will need to by a ticket for a ride from an approved taxi service from the airport. Mexican law prohibits random taxis picking up passengers at the airport. Though quite a bit more expensive, the system is far more orderly and secure than the alternative.


For the most part, Taxis in Mexico are cheap and efficient, however there are pirate taxis that circulate. While not necessarily dangerous, such taxis are not licensed to operate so if there is a problem, passages will have little recourse. In as much, it's best to get a taxi from a taxi stand whenever possible and look for the tell-tail signs that the taxi is licensed such as large ID numbers printed on the outside or the cab, designated colors, and a special driver ID displayed on the inside.

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