Zipolite Mexico

Zipolite is a true sanctuary in Mexico for backpackers and hippies. There are no large hotels with air conditioning, cable TV, and swim-up bars. Just the bare minimum for those who are determined to escape the rat race of civilization and indulge in a primitive tropical paradise.

Zipolite Mexico is most famous for having the only "officially sanctioned" nude beach in Mexico. This tends to attract nudists, naturists, sun worshipers, and at, it seems, at least one pervert a week with a camera and no life.

The thing Zipolite is famous for (second only to its nude beach) is the 60's style drug scene. You will see people smoking a joint on the beach. Police do wander the area so be sure to have some pesos on hand for your "fine" if caught. Hey, it is what it is.


There are too many wonderful things about Zipolite to mention, from the laid-back attitude of the Europeans who fill the beach, to the inexpensive, care free lifestyle that has attracted its share of ex-patriots from around the world. However, there are a few dangers and annoyances to be aware of. The extremely strong undertows, rip-tides, and currents claim far too many tourists here. Also, remember to keep your valuables locked up at all times and out of the hands of thieves.

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How does someone get from Los Angeles to Zipolite? I can't find any flights to the area... Thanks Ken
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