Cozumel Restaurants

Cozumel Restaurants including fine dining, restaurant bars, Mexican cuisine, French, Italian and many other restaurant options in Cozumel, Mexico.

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While there are places to eat all over Cozumel Island here and there. The main tourist location of San Miguel has the best selection in close proximity.

While a list of places to eat is all I can really give you without trying every restaurant in town, Palmeras is highly recommended. Located just south of the main pier, Palmeras is always packed, and for a good reason. Good food, good prices, and great service.

San Miguel Restaurants

  • Casa Denis - Caribbean & Yucatan dishes located at Av. 1 South #132
  • Costa Brava - Seafood, 57 Calle 7 between Melgar & 5 Sur.
  • French Quarter - Cajun food on the south side of the plaza San Miguel (Av. 5) on the second floor.
  • Garden of Eatin' - Mexican, On Salas between Melgar & 5 Sur.
  • Guido's : That's Italian, 23 Melgar between Calle 6 & 8
  • La Choza - Mexican , 198 Salas near Av. 10
  • Las Tortugas - Seafood, Av. 30 & Calle 19 Sur.
  • Pepe's Grill - Dinner only up-scale restaurant located on Melgar & Calle Adolfo Salas.
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