Cancun Maps

Welcome to Advantage Mexico's Map of Cancun. Below you will find a map of Cancun's hotel zone and a map of Cancun's Downtown area to help you orient yourself. While it may be nice to have your hotel near the action at the northeast corner of the hotel zone, I would not worry about getting around on the strip as there are buses that travel up and down the hotel zone all day long and will save you on cab fare (while they are running). If you are clubbing late at night, you can pretty much count on taking a taxi back to your hotel. The hotels on the map of Cancun below may look like they are close together, but the strip of sand they sit on is 22.5 kilometers long.

So, if you are choosing your Cancun Hotel based on price, you may wish to narrow your selection down to two or three hotels which you consider to be prime options. Then, decide if it is more important to be near the clubs at the Northwest corner of the hotel zone, or if a nice hotel on the mainland is more your style. We all love the beach, but if you are going to spend most of your time in town, it is just as easy to spend 5 or 10 minutes hopping on the bus to the beach.

Note : If planning for Spring Break is your gig, most of the beach parties are set dead center near the Oasis hotels.

Cancun Map

This Cancun map is of the hotel zone and includes hotels, clubs, shopping locations, movies, golf courses, and marinas.

Map of Cancun

This Cancun map is of the downtown area and includes hotels, hostels, gas stations, shopping locations, movies and the bus station.

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