Puerto Vallarta Attractions

Puerto Vallarta is adorned with beautiful architecture and cobblestone streets - a real historical treat for any traveler. This vacation destination is surrounded by all the good things that make an exotic Mexican getaway.

Casa Kimberley - Located on Calle Zaragoza 445 near the "Love Bridge". Casa Kimberly is basically the former home of Elizabeth Taylor (a 24,000 square foot birthday present from Richard Burton). Part of the estate has been turned into a Bed & Breakfast, but you can tour the other parts from 9 to 6 (except Sundays).

Mismaloya - Located on the coast just a few miles south of Puerto Vallarta. The cove here is the cove seen in "The Night of the Iguana". If you hug the coast (south side of the cove), you will see a giant Iguana attached to what looks like a telephone poll near a small dock. That is where you will find the old buildings nearby which were used as accommodations during the filming.

El Eden - If you continue south past Mismaloya, you will see a sign for El Eden which directs you to a dirt road on the left. The road isn't good, so if you are driving (rather than catching a bus there) the going will be slow. When you get there, you will see a restaurant by the low water falls which people slide down into a pool, and a helicopter in the trees. Why? Because this is where they shot the movie "Predator". When the movie came out in 1987, who would have thought that two of the stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura, would end up Governors.

If you go there, bring some hard core mosquito repellant. The mosquitoes in Puerto Vallarta are very small and their bite is barely noticeable. The mosquitoes here, however, will leave a visible welt that will itch badly for days.

If you're a movei buff, a you might want to check out the 1964 classic The Night of the Iguana which was also filmed in Puerto Vallarta, back when it was "remote little fishing village." Oh, how times have changed.

Playa Los Muertos - If you are in town and planning on a swim, you will find this beach just south of the Rio Cuale which runs through the center of town. Most of the guide books still identify the beach as "Playa Los Muertos" or Beach of the Dead. You will find stories about pirates anchoring on that beach (hence the name), but the more likely reason is the stones used to anchor fishing boats in the bay for many years. Whatever the reason, the Mexican government has been erecting signs saying "Playa del Sol" in an attempt to change the name to something more attractive to tourists. Whether it's Beach of the Sun or Beach of the Dead, it is the best beach in town.

Marina Vallarta - Just north of town you will find the Marina Vallarta. A beautiful marina full of luxury yachts, surrounded by luxury hotels, restaurants, shops and tour operators.

Puerto Vallarta Golf

Puerto Vallarta sports 9 golf courses. The most popular are:

  • The Marina Vallarta Golf Club (18 hole, par-74 members only course) with most luxury hotels offering memberships for guests.
  • The El Tigre Golf Course is in Nuevo Vallarta is a local favorite (322-297-0773).
  • The Los Flamingos Club de Golf (18 hole, par-72) offers free shuttle pick-up (call 329-296-5006 for times).
  • The Vista Vallarta Golf Club is a Jack Nicklaus course located behind the bull ring. The Four Seasons Punta Mitla is an 8 hole course with ocean views and is designated for guests of the hotel.


If sport fishing is your game, you are going to find your best deal with the Fishing Cooperative (Cooperativa de Pescadores) just north of the Rio Cuale near the Rosita Hotel. If money is no object, you can also find fishing charters in the Marina Vallarta. Most people make reservations well in advance, especially in high season.

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