Mazatlan Beaches

Playa Norte

Extending from where Paseo Claussen becomes Av. del Mar, a relitvely wide, clean white strip of beach, streaching for about 3 miles. This beach is popular with the locals, and is usually uncrowded except for holidays. On calm days the waves break gentily and gradually; other times, they can be rough, so if you see a life guard, it might be a good idea to stay near. Up at the far north end, nearing Playa Camaron, beginning at Valentino's Disco, is where beginning and intermediate surfers hang out. The swells break gradually left, and those that like fishing will find that the rocks on the point provide good spots for casting.

Playa Camaron / Playa Gaviotas

The stretch of successful hotels in the "Golden Zone" testify to the beauty of the Mazatlan Beaches at Playa Camaron and Playa Gaviotas. The gentle rolling waves, crystal sands, and absolutely breathtaking sunsets give meaning to the label "Golden Zone": golden memories for visitors, and gold in the pockets of those lucky enough to own or work in the Zona Dorada. This is the place to see and be seen. The most active section of this popular beach is centered around El Cid and extends south to Joe's Oyster Bar.

Playa Olas Atlas

Situated at the beginning of the 'Malecon' (seawall), Playa Olas Altas was the first tourist beach in Mazatlan. As the name means 'Big Waves', it is a very popular spot for surfers during the summer. Although not ideally suited for swimming, relax at one of the nearby cafes and watch the surfers brave the waves.

Things to Do

Banana Boat Rides - Yes, you can find Banana Boat Rides in Mazatlan, can't miss it.

Jet Skiing - Jet Skis are widely available on the beaches in Mazatlan's Golden Zone. The prices are high.

Trimaran - If you would prefer a relaxing ride to see Mazatlan from the bay in a sail boat.

Scuba Diving - If you are a certified diver or If you have never been scuba diving but always wanted to, Mazatlan has some great options.

Parasailing - If a great view of Mazatlan is what you seek, the birds-eye-view reserved for the parasailor is for you. Just take a walk along the beach in the tourist zone and look up. You can arrange your trip very easily.

Mazagua Water Park - Located near the north end of Calz. Camaron Sabalo. Open 10 am to 6 pm.

Kayaking - Sea Kayaking may be just the thing to get you out on the water for an inexpensive sun and fun diversion.

Boogie Boarding - Boogie boarding is very popular here in Mazatlan, and there is plenty of good surf for it all along the bay. However, if you did not bring your own board you can rent one.

Spanish version of this page: Playas Mazatlán


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