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Mazatlan Nightlife including discos, bars, after hours clubs, lounges and more Mazatlan, Mexico nightlife attractions.

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Easily the #1 place to go to drink beers by the beach during the day, or to do essentially the same until...
Still happening after all these years, Señor Frog's is Mazatlan's premier restaurant-bar. The only thing...

Valentino's Disco - Valentino's was the most popular disco club in Fiesta Land but it's not quite the in place these days though it remains a Mazatlán landmark. They play hip-hop, techno and Spanish music. The 1st floor is mostly for dancing, and you can enjoy a drink while watching people dance from the 2nd floor. 9pm.-4am. Av. Camaron Sabalo, Fiesta Land.

Bora Bora - A perennial party favorite, Bora Bora has been one of the hip spots for over a decade. An open air bar that gets going after midnight and stays open late.

Canta Bar - This is a Karaoke Bar located next to Valentino's disco club. There is a stage in front, and you can request the song you want to sing. 9pm.-4am..

Latitude - Located not far from Joe's, it's one of Mazatlán's more upscale clubs. Dress to impress in your designer labels and squeeze in - it gets very crowded at times, so much so that one can barely make one's way to the bar.

Cherry - If you're going along the Malecón from Valentinos to downtown, you'll not miss Cherry. Perhaps the biggest disco in Mazatlán its a pretty spacious and tendy dance club that plays hip music and caters to a slightly younger crowd than Latitude.

Litros - A great place for some serious drinking and live music. Located in the heart of the Zona Dorada.

Plaza Machado - One of Mazatlan's greatest attractions, the Plaza Machado, located in the old town, is a fantastic spot to drink and dine until well into the evening. Live music and a festive atmosphere predominate.

And if one gets tired of the more reserved atmosphere of El Machado, there are a number of hidden nightspots nearby such as one of our personal favorites, La Tertulia.

Spanish version of this page: Vida nocturna Mazatlán
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Mazatlan Nightclubs